Psychological Aid Center and Biofeedback Therapy


We help reach a balance in life...

Psychological counselling

We help in mental crisis

The treatment is short-term.

We are working in the mainstream of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (BSFT).

Biofeedback therapy

We use sensors: EEG, HR/BVP, SC, TEMP, RESP, EMG, HEG (by Thought Technology).


We combine biofeedback therapy with BSFT Therapy and cognitive-behavioural techniques.


In biofeedback therapy we use relaxing techniques (Autogenic Schulz training, visualization, Jacobson’s Progressive Training, mindfulness training).


We monitor the effectiveness of the action taken.


We help to cure diseases in which mental factors play an important role – dermatitis, chronic pain, headaches, chronic diseases.


We help improve memory, attention and learning processes.


Balance in life is the basis of optimal human development. Balance once achieved does not guarantee that it will stay on all the time. In the human life are inscribed difficult situations, crises, dilemmas, fear and anxiety. They help us find the answer to the question of who we really are? They inspire us to act and develop. The overcame difficulties strengthen our self-esteem, rise us to the heights and outline new paths of life.
As a result, they bring joy and satisfaction

It also happens that we can not cope with a difficult situation. Then we begin to live in chronic stress, constant anxiety, and constant fear. We are looking for solutions, but they do not bring the desired results. Sometimes we encounter other people who help, support and give constructive advice.


Sometimes, however, we need professional support – support that will allow us to bring out the dormant possibilities in us, and at the same time give us hope, show the light in the tunnel in a situation that seems to be without a way out.

We invite everyone who needs support, help and also those who want to develop their skills in coping with stress, brain optimization and body control. In my psychological practice, I use focused therapy on tasks (BSFT), which belongs to the short-term therapy trend as well as modern neurotechnology, to which biofeedback belongs.

We try to show people that the psychological crisis affects the functioning of our body, and some diseases of our body cause depression, anxiety or depression.

We encourage everyone to get acquainted with the offer.